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‘Pulp fiction’s answer to Joyce’s Ulysses; Vinnie and Brenda’s comical sexual encounter will have you roaring with laughter whilst at the same time wondering, do the cocaine suppositories really work! Not quite a Molly Bloom soliloquy but 50 shades more readable!

This is a biker’s book for everyone with the added intrigue of the little known Jezreelite sect giving a Dan Brownesque twist. It’s a funny and sometimes poignant, well crafted novel which gives great insight into the biking fraternity of Kent.’ – Selkins – Greentree Writers – Oct 2014

Dyllis Brett – About the Author

Born June 6, 1960 at Catterick Barracks, Yorkshire; daughter to the garrison’s Welsh Presbyterian chaplain and his wife. Ms Brett spent her formative years tied to her parents’ regimental tours of duty in Germany, Hong Kong, Belize and Belfast.

At the age of sixteen she signed for twelve years as an Army nurse.

Whilst attending to the wounded in a field hospital in Port Stanley during the Falklands War, she met and fell for her now, long time partner, Sister Fidelina Jessie.

After an honourable discharge from the Medical Corps, Ms Brett went on to become a journalist, illusionist, atheist, linguist and feminine socialite.

She can recite Welsh poetry; sing bawdy navy ballads and revels in passionate debates, from the state of Welsh rugby, to the international stars of Moto Cross.

She drinks vodka neat.

She is fluent in Welsh, German and Europanto.

Dyllis Brett and Fidelina Jesse tied the knot in a civil ceremony at the Hells Angels World Run in Pasadena, California in April 1999. The couple now live in a converted barn at Wooten, Kent; a stone’s throw from the Lydden Hill race track.


It took some time to sort out the authorship of “Autogeddon Day”, a recently published book attributed to local author Dyllis Brett but it turns out that the book is co-written by Jack Pound, well-known local musician. I interviewed Jack who told me that the bulk of the ideas came from Dyllis while both of them contributed to the writing. During a final edit Jack tried to tone down some of the more outrageous passages written by Dyllis but, in the face of her opposition, was only partially successful. Jack gave me a contact for Dyllis but I was unable to track her down. Sister Fidelina Jessie, her long term partner, told me that in a sudden change of direction, typical of her life, she had just left for the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to do a study of moths in an inaccessible area of the upper reaches of the Lualaba River and would not be available for at least six months.

“Autogeddon Day” is a page turner from the start to the strange ending as you are carried along on the one day trip by Vincent Pope, the narrator, from Dungeness to Chatham, where he is to do a radio interview about his short story ‘Jezreels Jezebel’.  Interspersed in the narrative is the story of his friend Rokka Todd and many other characters, the descriptions of whom bring the book to life.  One such is Cheyne Stokes, a disc jockey, described thus “Sat across  the room… was a thin, slack faced, gangly grey haired guy in blue jeans and a real-ale T-shirt… He raised himself slightly out of the chair, to shake my hand: he had a drooping bag of a belly and one hell of a limp wrist. Not only could I see why he was affectionately known as “old last breath” but I could smell it too; stale smoke”

On the surface these are semi respectable people with Vincent working on the cross channel ferries,  Rokka, a gypsy who has abandoned the travelling community, repairing bikes and writing articles for bike magazines and Rokka’s girlfriend Jude working as a reporter  But beneath this that there is drug running, a bent policeman, shady deals, a bike race around  the ring road in Ashford, a road trip to Italy and vicious fights all described in vivid detail. Mixed in with this is religious fanaticism connected with the Flying Scroll, the supposed “key, the combination  to the portal for everlasting life” and the Jezreelites, a sect who built a huge tower in Gillingham in the late nineteenth century, nothing of which now remains.  Jezreel, aka Private James White,  gave himself out to be the messenger of God, and claimed to have received direct revelations, contained in ‘The Flying Scroll,’ which he wrote at the inspiration of the Immortal Spirit. His followers believed themselves to constitute the first portion of the 144,000 twice told who will receive Christ when he comes to reign on the earth for one thousand years

Autogeddon Day is in the grand tradition of pulp fiction that started with the cheap magazines published between 1896 and the 1950s, containing stories, amongst other topics, of violence and crime – a seedy society, which Quentin Tarantino brought to the screen In 1994 in his film Pulp Fiction. In essence the violence and crime is so over the top that it cannot be taken seriously and becomes black comedy.

There are a number of reviews at the back of this book from various magazines and individuals. I will quote one. Autogeddon Day is, according to Otis Scruggs, lead singer of Trailer Trash with ten records to his name in Ancestry.co.uk, who apparently read the book in one sitting in his mother’s care home lavatory, a “ripping yarn”. It is a description with which I concur.

So in summing, it is difficult to know what to believe about this book, its authors and its origins and you may have difficulty in believing some of what is in this review but Autogeddon Day is a good read. As I have said I had no trouble getting into it, was never bored and wanted to finish it.  Get out and buy a copy or download it  to your kindle. One final warning though it is not, as I have intimated, for the faint hearted.

Autogeddon Day is available from some disreputable booksellers and from Amazon.

Autogeddon Day – Social Media Reviews

“2016 best fucking weird novel -review:-ok just finished this , kind of got no idea WTF it was about except that there is loads of dirty filth in it . (Good thing ) then a load of cult religion stuff (good thing ) and bikers and lesbians , amputees and anal sex and fast cars and crashes and … what’s not to like ? … it’s kind of a travelog about the spiritual awakening of a sex obsessed biker who find God … I think or it might be the opposite of that but anyhow I can mainly recommend it for the list of fucking great tunes mentioned throughout … I think a mix tape should come as a freebie with this …. if not they should make a film so I can buy the sound track !!! Rock on Dylis Brett !” Lou Psyche 2016

Autogeddon Day by Dyllis Brett – 2014 Reviews

Fear and loathing in the south east. Ridiculously sublime; a fantastic, entertaining, roller coaster of a ride.
The Creationists’ 5th Quarter.

In the early hours of Judgement Day, in a padded cell in Purgatory; a Lord of Misrule puts down his copy of ‘Dante’s Inferno’ to play Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ on DVD, praying to the Gods he gets through it before the final reckoning. Out on the street, dawn is breaking. Down the road, Autogeddon is fast approaching. The janitor of lunacy, full of brio and energy, sees no reason to skip breakfast.
The Book Noir Club review

An unliterary novel that breaks all the rules of creative writing. The Da Vinci Code for Chavs. A masterpiece of low life drama, writ large.
Le Font, Paris.

Pray and display. The two wheeled, cowboy gypsy biker, battles to save his corrupt soul from the evils of spiritual terrorism. A drive-by cult classic in the making.
Fantasy and SF UK

If there is one book that demonises the classless underbelly of our society ‘Autogeddon Day’ could be it. Ms Brett approaches the novel like two scallies would approach an unlocked car. A male chauvinist pig couldn’t have written better. The pornification of culture continues.
Gay Women’s Monthly.

Vulgar, sacrilegious, homophobic, sexist, racist and anti-establishment. A ripping yarn that I read in one sitting whilst accidently locked in my Grandma’s care home shitter, with a bag of her beanies and a bottle of JD.
Otis Scruggs, lead singer with Trailer Trash and founder of Metal Guru Fanzine.

Whilst one could agree with Ms Brett’s assumption, that the middle class are pigs, I find her latest tome ‘Autogeddon Day’ to be nothing more than a rant of anti social filth and depravity.
Fanny@Crouch End. Facebook


Also by the Author 

No Feast for the Miser – collected short stories including Bukka nominated ‘The Mystery of Luck and Loss’ and the chilling ‘Let’s Waste the Nonce’ – 2001 Fiction.

How East and West Might Meet – Essays on the power of prayer, from both sides of the great divide. – 2006 Non Fiction

Ms Brett is a regular feature writer for Moto Cross International.

‘I used to be conscious of who I was, directing the story like a child, I now find that an anathema to me.

If you think we need a revolution in literature, a new generation of angry young men and women – don’t look at me, I don’t give a Flying Scroll.

Life for most women is a rotten deal, the game is rigged and men hold all the aces.

As for Autogeddon! Don’t worry; it’s not the end of the road, merely a mode of transport to the plain of Jezreel.’

– Dyllis Brett.

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